Why Hire a Travel Consultant?!

Why hire a travel consultant when you can easily book a trip on the internet?  

  • Travel consultants can often save you even more money than those online travel agencies.  How do they do it? They have access to special rates offered by travel wholesalers.
  • They offer expert advice.  Most travel consultants have first hand experience visiting a destination and take a lot of destination training. While you can get trip information online only travel consultants can tell you if that resort is under renovation or your hotel room overlooks a parking lot instead of a pool.  A travel professional can match you to the hotel, cruise line, or resort experience that meets your personal taste.
  • They help you reduce anxiety and “e-morse” as a result of information overload on the internet. People are finding it more difficult to sift through the enormous amount of travel content on the web.  They are tired of the endless and conflicting user hotel reviews online.  As a result, more people are flinging to travel consultants every year.
  • They can provide you with special experiences and can get you perks.  An online travel agency can’t get you free breakfast or hotel and car upgrades.  Consultants can get you these perks through their relationships with wholesalers, hotels and car rental agencies.  A travel professional can also reach out to you to be sure you arrived safely and that your needs have been met or exceeded.  If you booked that hotel online, who is your advocate for that travel experience?
  • They help you in case of inconvenience or disaster. Travel consultants can help you get out of trouble.  This is a lot more difficult if you booked your vacation online. Who do you call when there’s a natural disaster or tragic event that results in air cancellations and you are thousands of miles away from home?

The following articles and videos regarding the value of hiring a travel consultant were recently published in the media:

Why hire theTRAVELER?

I am passionate about travel and have many years of experience traveling the world.  In addition, I have taken numerous webinars on destinations, hotels and river cruises.  While I officially began selling travel in October 2010, I have many years of experience advising friends and family with their travel needs.

Are you seeking a personalized, travel consultant to help plan your dream vacation?  If so, click here to learn more about what theTRAVELER can offer you.


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