Car Rental Tips

Lamborghini (?) – Monte Carlo, Monaco, 2008

Renting a car?  Check out these tips before making a reservation:

  • Visit – begin your search at this site (not at the individual car rental sites).
  • Look for online discounts and coupons at the above site and elsewhere.
  • Carefully choose the size of the vehicle – smaller car with a high MPG are better for the environment (SUVs are one of the worst cars).
  • If you are a AAA member, mention that when booking the car.
  • Check with your company to see if a corporate rate is offered.
  • Consider renting the car at an off airport location – city locations are often cheaper than airport ones.
  • If you own a car, check your insurance policy to see what you are covered for in regard to car rentals.
  • If you don’t own a car, see if your credit card (e.g. American Express) covers the “Loss Damage Waiver” (LDW) – if it does, decline the LDW offered by the car rental company.
  • Get the Non-LDW rental car insurance offered – it will give you peace of mind should you be involved in an accident.
  • Declare 2nd drivers when getting your car – if you don’t and there is an accident you will wish you did.
  • If you are planning to drive the car into a foreign country, notify the car rental company
  • Inspect the car for any damage before leaving the lot.
  • Return the car where you picked it up – one way car rentals can be costly.
  • Return the car with the tank filled – if not, you may have to pay a surcharge.
  • Find the cheapest gas station using
  • Ensure you return the car before the agency closes – not all of them are open 24 hours!

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Got any tips you would like to share?  If so, comment below.  Thanks.


About Robert Kavalek

Robert Kavalek is a travel consultant who shares his love for traveling the world on theTRAVELER ( While his specialties are Paris, Mexico and "digital overload escapes", he can advise clients on any type of vacation. In addition, he writes about travel destinations and travel tips on his blog and Facebook page. Robert has visited 31 countries and territories and hopes to check out at least one new country every year. He currently lives in Washington, DC.
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3 Responses to Car Rental Tips

  1. Stephanie says:

    Check to see if your company offers corporate rates. It really helps

  2. Harris says:

    If you are renting a car for a week and your schedule allows, renting cars on mid-week days may get you upgrades or discounts. Tues and Weds are typically the slowest days and the selections off the lots are limited. This is happens a lot at the busiest airports. The deals are only offered at the counter.

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