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Beach Clubs, Cenotes, Theme parks & More: What to do in Mexico’s Maya Riviera

As anyone who has visited the Riviera Maya can verify, there is must to see and do in this region in Mexico.  While most people visit this area for it’s gorgeous beaches, there are plenty of other things to do … Continue reading

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10 Reasons Why I Love Traveling To Mexico

I really love Mexico! It’s beautiful, fun, has a diverse culture and cuisine, and the people are friendly.  These are just some of the things that come to mind when I think of my past, numerous visits to this country. … Continue reading

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The Cool Vibe of Playa del Carmen, Mexico

NOTE: I updated this article on March 10, 2012. I love the cool vibe of Playa Del Carmen – a small, beach city about one hour south of Cancun.  It’s one of my favorite beach cities in the world.   … Continue reading

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Tulum: Majestic, Pre-Columbian Mayan Ruins In Mexico

The ruins of Tulum – an ancient Mayan city, are located in a spectacular seaside setting. My friend Victor and I spent most of the day at Tulum while vacationing in Playa Del Carmen in December 2009.  We thoroughly enjoyed … Continue reading

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The Laid Back Beach Scene in Tulum, Mexico

Update-12/17/12: The Papaya Playa hotel has been converted into a temporary hotel.  Click here to read more about it. Like a relatively quiet, gorgeous beach not far from most cities in North America?  I’d recommend heading down to Tulum, Mexico. … Continue reading

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Chopp, Toasted Cheese and Acai Sorbet on Ipanema Beach in Rio

On a sunny day, Cariocas (residents of Rio) and others come out in droves to sun on the beach, read, make out or play soccer or volleyball. The beach is full of life – especially on weekends.  I stayed in … Continue reading

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