Floor Mosaic - Monte Carlo, Monaco, October 2008

Like most people, I love to snap pictures while I am traveling.  All of the photos on theTRAVELER were taken by me. Nowadays, I use my iPhone as the quality of the photos is almost as good as a digital camera.  Since photos taken prior to 2003 were done on an “old fashioned” camera, the quality is not as good as my more recent pics.

Click here to view photo albums on theTRAVELER Facebook page.  Note that you do not need a Facebook page to view photos in these albums.  If you do have a page and you like a particular photo, feel free to “like” it or leave a comment.  I would appreciate that!

I also have a profile on Pinterest.  Click here to see it.

One more thing: I am in the process of moving photo albums from the Apple server to Facebook.  I plan to complete this process by June 2012.


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