In Pucon, Chile, April 2010

Greetings! I’m Robert.  I am a accredited travel consultant and owner of theTRAVELER. I launched my personalized travel consulting and concierge business in October 2010.  I am affiliated with LTA Travel – my host agency.

I am very passionate and experienced traveler. My interest in seeing the world began in my early teens when I started collecting stamps from around the world. I also sought inspiration from my father’s collection of National Geographic Magazines. While I don’t collect stamps anymore, my interest in travel has not waned. In fact, it intensifies every time I leave Washington, DC.

I am the type of traveler who wants to experience a sense of place when traveling. Seeing monuments, museums and ruins and eating local foods is great, but I also want to venture beyond the beaten tourist path and dive into something deeper. I want to be able to connect with people while I am traveling and learn something new about a different culture. Through this journey I learn something I didn’t know about myself.

I like traveling in comfort and am a big fan of boutique and luxury hotels and resorts. I love health and wellness vacations.  I enjoy walking, hiking, running, biking and practicing yoga when I am traveling.

I love to travel and I travel to live.

I am very fortunate to have visited 31 countries and 47 US states. Traveling is very important to me. It keeps me grounded and opens my mind.

In addition to writing about travel tips as well my adventures on my blog, I post links to articles from fellow travel bloggers as well as articles from the New York Times, Conde Nast Traveler, Travel and Leisure and other magazines on theTRAVELER Facebook page.

I also have a biweekly publication: theTRAVELER Letter.  Click here to subscribe to this e-letter.

While personal travel and travel consulting are my main passions in life, I also love psychology, hiking, taking long walks, speaking Spanish or French and practicing yoga. I am from New Jersey and have been living in Washington, DC since 1990.

Visit the “Services” page for more information on what theTRAVELER can offer you.


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