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Car Rental Tips

Renting a car?  Check out these tips before making a reservation: Visit – begin your search at this site (not at the individual car rental sites). Look for online discounts and coupons at the above site and elsewhere. Carefully choose … Continue reading

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Travel Tips: Visiting France

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I have learned much from my frequent travels to France over the years.  I love the country and it’s one of my specialties.  Here are some tips specific to France: Know some words in French.  I can’t emphasize this enough! … Continue reading

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Travel Tips: Hotels

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Here are some hotel tips based on research and my own extensive experience traveling the world: Find out what other travelers are saying about a hotel on Tripadvisor. Unfortunately, many of the reviews are bogus.  If the majority of the … Continue reading

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Travel Tips: Using Technology while Traveling

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Like me, you probably are going to use your smartphone and laptop, while traveling.    Here are some useful tips I have picked up over the years: Get an international phone plan if you plan to use your phone overseas. … Continue reading

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Travel Tips: Saving Money while Traveling

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Want to say money while traveling?  Check out my following tips: Many stores and train stations around the world are phasing out the acceptance of swipe only credit cards.  Try to obtain a chip enabled credit card from your bank. Few … Continue reading

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Travel Tips: Mexico

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Planning a trip to Mexico? Here are some tips: Don’t try to see too much!  Too many people hop from one city to another after one or two nights.  It’s exhausting, stressful and it doesn’t give you a good sense of … Continue reading

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Flying with Kids on United Airlines

If you are traveling with kids on United Airlines and you don’t have seats together in coach class, see a flight attendant.  He or she may bump you up to “Economy Plus” free of charge if there are empty seats … Continue reading

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